Courses are one of the centerpieces of OLLI’s programming.

OLLI members in lirbaryOLLI offers fall and spring semesters of 8-week courses taught by distinguished faculty (both current and emeritus) from the University of Illinois and other regional colleges and universities, and community members from a wide variety of areas. A selection of 4-week courses is also offered.

Your OLLI membership includes one free course per year; additional 8-week courses are $40 each, and 4-week courses are $20 each. (If you register for only one course during your membership year and it is one of the 4-week offerings, that registration will count as your free course.)

Courses typically meet once per week for 90 minutes; some class meetings, such as film classes, may be longer. We do not take attendance or assign grades, and there are no assignments (although some courses may offer optional outside reading suggestions).

The course descriptions you will find at the page linked below will provide additional information about the course content.