Proposing an OLLI Course



Thank you for your interest in teaching a course for OLLI at Illinois. Course titles and descriptions will be reviewed with the Curriculum Committee to assess appropriateness for the OLLI curriculum and level of interest in all proposed courses. If approved, courses will be listed on the OLLI website and in the print catalog. Course titles, descriptions, and instructor biographies may be edited for clarity, style, and length.


OLLI at Illinois is accepting proposals for courses to be offered in the spring 2019 semester. The 8-week spring semester will begin on Monday, January 28, 2019. OLLI also offers some 4-week courses, which can meet during the first or last 4 weeks of the semester.

Spring 2019 course proposals are due by Wednesday, September 12, 2018. Earlier submissions are encouraged. Only complete proposals will be considered, so please read the submission guidelines carefully.


About OLLI Courses

Each course meets once per week for 90 minutes (in special circumstances, class meetings may be longer – e.g., film courses are scheduled to allow a film screening as well as lecture and discussion). Class meetings are scheduled at OLLI’s facilities in the M2 building, with most classes meeting during business hours; early-evening classes are also scheduled on some days where appropriate. Pending approval of the course, instructors will be contacted by the OLLI staff to discuss scheduling and other plans.

OLLI course instructors are expected to have a combination of credentials and professional experience commensurate with teaching of this topic to an educated general audience, and must submit a current resume as part of the application process. First-time instructors must also provide contact information for two teaching references.


Courses are taught by current and retired faculty from the U of I and other local colleges, or by other members of the community with special qualifications; or team-taught by multiple instructors from the U of I (with one person serving as the coordinator and facilitator). An honorarium of $700 is provided by OLLI ($350 for a 4-week course). In the case of a team-taught course, the honorarium will be transferred to the coordinating unit.

Course Proposal Instructions

The following materials are required for course proposals, including those submitted by past instructors. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  1. Course title and 100-word description.
  2. Course outline with a brief breakdown of the week-by-week course structure.
  3. Instructor 100 word biography statement. Examples may be found on the current course website.
    • For team-taught courses: provide names, job titles, and two-sentence biography statements for each presenter.
  4. One to two page current resume, including your education and job history with dates, employers, degrees earned.
  5. New instructors only: Names and e-mail addresses of two professional teaching references.
  6. All applicants must provide the following information.
    • A. Full name.
    • B. Home address
    • C. Telephone number
    • D. Email address
    • E. UIN (If you have ever had any association with any University of Illinois campus.)
  7. Please indicate one of the choices below on your application materials.
    • A. I am currently employed at the University of Illinois. List job title and unit.
    • B. I retired or resigned from the University of Illinois. List all job titles, units, and dates of employment and separation for all University of Illinois employment, including post-separation employment by the University of Illinois.
    • C. I am not now and never have been employed by the University of Illinois.


Send all materials as a single Word document to OLLI Director Christine Catanzarite at Proposals will be reviewed by the OLLI Curriculum Committee, and all applicants will be contacted by mid-October.


Please direct questions about courses and the proposal process to OLLI Director Christine Catanzarite at 244-9141 or