Study Groups

Study groups are offered in multiple sessions throughout the year, and are designed to foster in-depth examinations of a wide variety of topics. Each study group costs $20. Study group costs are a la carte - members pay for all of the study groups for which they register.

Study groups are organized and led or co-led (facilitated) by OLLI members on a wide variety of topics designed to encourage active discussion and engagement. Study groups are held during periods when courses are not in session and typically meet for 6 to 8 sessions.

The study group facilitator does not need to be an expert on the topic.  The facilitator’s primary function is to organize the group and facilitate the discussion.  The facilitator can lead all sessions or can ask for volunteer leaders among group members to lead some of the discussions.

Recent study group topics have included:

• Refugees, Migrants, Asylum Seekers, Foreign Workers: Recent Movies from Europe
• Reaching for the Ineffable – Toni Morrison on Race and Gender
• Ancient Greek Philosophers after Aristotle: The Cynics, Epicureans, Stoics, and Skeptics
• Homelessness in the United States
• The Writers’ Café

This is just a small sampling of the exciting conversations that have been fostered by OLLI study groups. Ideas and proposals are always welcomed — and we urge you to consider becoming a study group participant or facilitator! The OLLI Study Group Committee reviews proposals prior to each session, and OLLI staff contacts the facilitator(s) to schedule the group.  Support and training is provided by the Study Group Committee and OLLI staff.  OLLI members receive e-mails notifying them of proposal deadlines and registration periods.

Proposing a Study Group

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Study Group Topics

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If you would like to discuss the OLLI Study Group program, please contact Janet Summers at or 244-9141.