OLLI Spring Semester Schedule 2015



The Art of Ancient Egypt

Laura O’Donnell

The Art of Ancient Greece

Laura O’Donnell

Contemporary Glass Art

Jon Liebman

Italian Renaissance Art and the Renovation of Antiquity

Rosemary Trippe

A Quilting Workshop: Thinking Outside the Block

Deborah Fell

Film Studies and Entertainment

The Films of John Huston
Chuck Koplinski

Out of the Closet: LGBTQ Portrayals in the Movies after the 1969 Stonewall Riots
Connie Hosier and Scott Badman

Showcasing Great 20th Century Comedians
Tom Neufer Emswiler


Wit and Slapstick: The Comedies of Preston Sturges
Pat Gill

Government and Law

Bioethical Dilemmas, Law, and Public Policy
Robert Rich

The Eighth Judicial Circuit: Lincoln’s Circuit
Guy Fraker

The Tax Man: Finding how your local tax dollars and fees are being spent
Brant Houston

History and Culture

Archaeology and the Bible
Sarah Wisseman

Britannia: Roman Britain from Caesar to Arthur
Fred Christensen

History, the Arab Spring, and the Remaking of the Middle East
Janice Jayes

The Panama Canal
John McCord

Putin, Ukraine, and the New World Disorder
Richard V. Tempest

Resistance against Hitler within the Third Reich 1933-1945
Karl-Heinz Schoeps


Jane Austen’s Emma
Bao Bui

An Oft-Told Tale:  Shakespeare’s King Lear and Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres
John Bennett and Linda Coleman


Brahms’s Instrumental Music
Anne Mischakoff Heiles

Country Music – First Visit
Marilyn Lindholm

Great Composers, From Concert Hall to Silver Screen
John Frayne

The Insider’s Guide to the Orchestra
Matthew Sheppard

Philosophy and Math

The Good Society: Modern Social and Political Thought
Robert Alun Jones

The “I Hate Math: Redux!” Math Class
Douglas Elrick

Science and Nature

Birding 101:  Exploring the Beauty, Science, and Natural History of the Avian World
Greg Lambeth

"Build Illinois!": geologic history and processes
Bob Vaiden

The Butterflies of Illinois – Lecture Course with Optional Lab Section
Michael Jeffords and Susan Post

How Genomics is Changing Everything
Institute for Genomic Biology (team-taught course), coordinated by Alison Bell, Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Biology
Instructors: Lisa Ainsworth, Plant Biology; Elbert Branscomb, Physics; Andrew Leakey, Plant Biology; Jian Ma, Bioengineering; Ripan Malhi, Anthropology; Karen Sears, Animal Biology; David Stocum, Cell and Developmental Biology; Lisa Stubbs, Cell and Developmental Biology

The Molecular Me: An Investigation of Self

Jeffrey S. Moore

Wellness and Kinesiology

Around The World in 80 Dances
Judy Reynolds and Jonathan Sivier

An Introduction to Tai Chi and Qigong Fundamentals
Mike Reed

Writing and Language

Introduction to Latin for the Absolute Novice, Part II
Kay Neal

Memoir Writing
Amy Hassinger

Scotland through History, Culture, and the Gaelic Language
Ann Cameron MacRae