Study Groups, 2008

Spring 2008

What’s Next?  Issues for the Second Half of Your Life

Facilitator:  Alice Faron
Description:  Are you nearing “retirement age” or already in that second stage of life trying to figure out how to productively spend your time and energy?  In this three-part study group, we will explore the emotions, issues and possibilities related to life after retirement.

A Discussion of America’s Role in the World

Facilitator:  Ashton Waller
Description:  This group will discuss the ideas and material presented in the Literacy for Globalists project, entitled “U.S. in the World”.  The guide is aimed at supporting “the work of advocates of pragmatic, principled, effective, and collaborative U.S. engagement in the world.

Basic Techniques for Shooting and Editing Digital Videos

Facilitator:  Don Francisco
Description:  This hands-on workshop will cover topics such as how to shoot videos and how to edit them to make them easier to watch.

Walking on Eggshells

Facilitator:  Marva Nelson
Description:   Come share your thoughts and strategies with fellow parents of adult children who are learning how to steer a clear course around the rocky reefs of Anger and Despair that come with:  offering advice, living a long-distance away from your children, living in close proximity to your children, lending money, and last, but not least, learning how to be a good grandparent.

The Idea of Happiness

Facilitator:  Ron Szoke
Description:   This is a discussion on what happiness is and how it might be pursued.  We can discuss pop-psychological theories of happiness as well as survey some past ideas about what makes for happiness, from Aristotle to antidepressants.

The One-Volume World:  From H. G. Wells to Jared Diamond

Facilitator:  Fred Christensen
Description:  In today's world it's more important than ever to understand other cultures as well as our own. Many historians have made the attempt to tell the stories of all the world's peoples in a single volume.  Each selects themes that help to explain humanity's diversity—themes like the essentials of human nature, the idea of progress, the impact of the environment, and the role of religion in shaping society.  H.G. Wells, Jared Diamond, E. H. Gombrich, William McNeill, J.M. Roberts and others have examined the cultures, religions, and societies of Islam, China, India, Africa, Europe and elsewhere. You're invited to read any one or more of these thought-provoking books, and to discuss their (and your) ideas. The range of discussion topics is almost limitless. 

Summer 2008

New Yorker Magazine

Facilitator:  Jean Weigel
Description:  Join us for four sessions when we focus on significant pieces from recent issues.

Poetry Study Group

Facilitators:  Elizabeth Abraham & Patricia Taylor
Description:  As a follow up to the spring poetry class, Liz and Patricia are organizing a poetry study group.  The class time will consist of participants bringing a different poem each week for the group to discuss.  Participants may bring their own work as well as published poems.

The U. S. Military System

Facilitator:  Fred Christensen
Description:  This study group will provide an overview of America’s military forces – how they’re organized, where they’re located, how they are changing in some ways, unchanging in others. Whether you have military memories and experience to share, or want to learn about an unfamiliar but important part of American life, this study group will be interesting and informative.

Fall 2008

Meet the Rostovs:  Tolstoy’s War and Peace

Facilitator:  Fred Christensen
Description:   This group will view the Oscar-winning 1967 Russian film version of Tolstoy’s War and Peace as a miniseries, in five segments of approximately 90 minutes each followed by 45 minutes of discussion.

New Yorker Magazine

Facilitator:  Paula Watson
The New Yorker provides a unique mix of articles and reviews on current topics, literature, and the arts. This study group is designed for readers of The New Yorker who want to get together to discuss articles from the magazine. The group will have a coordinator, but starting with the third session, subsequent discussions will be facilitated by a member who will volunteer. Participants should come prepared for a lively exchange of views. 

Not So Classic Westerns

Facilitator:  Ashton Waller
Description:  Group members will watch and discuss some not so classic western movies, such as Son of Paleface, Blazing Saddles, Little Big Man and Cat Ballou.

Poetry Study Group

Facilitators:  Beth Felts and Jim Rasner
Description:  The study group is similar to the Spring ’08 Poetry Discussion Group.  We will discuss many poetry forms.  Group members will bring a favorite poem to each class to read and discuss.  Participants are encouraged to write their own poems to share.