Lecture Archive 2014–2015


Perspectives on the Aging Brain
Monica Fabiani  

Scotland said, "No." What's Next?
Cam MacRae

Mending a Broken Heart
Sara Wheeler

Why Is a Philosopher in My Hospital Room?
Kyle Galbraith, PhD

Financial Security in an Electronic World: Avoiding Scams & Fraud
Kathryn Sweedler

Walk for Life
Ann Chan

Spiritual Wellness for Seniors
Elaine K. Olson, MA, M.Div.

GMO's: What our OLLI discussion group has learned about them.

What Makes Mountains Go Up?
Stephen Marshak, Professor of Geology, Director, School of Earth, Society & Environment, University of Illinois

Physical Wellness
Ken Wilund, Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Social Wellness
Michele Guerra, Director, U of I Wellness Center

#twitterrevolution: Destabilizing the world, 140 characters at a time@dennisbaron
Dennis Baron

The Current Ebola Outbreak: Making Sense out of Non-Sense
James Dobbins

Cheddar Gorge
Fred Christensen

Mummies of the World
Sarah Wisseman

CU Symphony
Steve Alltop

Orphan Train Rider
Tammy Wilson

Duke Ellington
John Bennett & Sam Reese
Falklands War
Frank Chadwick

Climate Change
Don Wuebbles

Working with an Occupational Therapist
Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L

Cannabis Policy
John Herrmann, DVM, MPH, DACT

Glacial and Postglacial History and Landscapes of the Upper Sangamon River Basin
David Grimley, PhD

Burning Man: A Travel Log of Two Old Men in the Desert
Chuck Cowger and Steve Shoemaker