Lecture Archive 2011–2012

Nazi Pink Polka-dots and Other Map Games

Fred Christensen (Retired History instructor, University of Kentucky, University of Illinois, and Parkland College; OLLI member)

Urbana Public Arts Program

Christina McClelland (Public Arts Coordinator, City of Urbana)

Champaign County Community Report 2011

Lyn Jones (President and CEO, United Way of Champaign County)

Catastrophe and the 21st Century: The Problem with Predictions

Milo Kaufmann (Professor Emeritus of English, University of Illinois)

The Many Faces of Arthur: Celtic Warlord, King of Camelot, and Giant

Anna Firestone (Instructor of English, Ivy Technical College, Lafayette, IN)

The OLLI Citizen Scientist Program

Geena Skariah (Graduate Student in Neurobiology and OLLI Fellow, Coordinator of Citizen Scientist Program)

Jewish History and Anti-Semitism: The 2000-Year Background to the Shoah

Fred Christensen

Fooling Ourselves: Self-Deception in Politics, Religion, and Terrorism

Harry Triandis (Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Illinois)

The Eyes Have It

Victor Feldman (Retired physician and Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Illinois)

Want It, Need It, Bought It – Now What? Inside the Apple iPad

Sharon Michalove (Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, University of Illinois; OLLI member)

Costume Designer, Doll Maker, Artist

Barbara Schoenoff (Costume designer and instructor, University of Illinois and Parkland College)

Where’s Guadalcanal? National Geographic Maps and the Second World War

Fred Christensen

Ivory Coast: A Divided Country Tries to Stitch Itself Back Together

Carol Spindel (Instructor of non-fiction writing, University of Illinois and University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival)

The Occupy Movement and Its Impact on Organized Labor

Monica Bielski Boris (Assistant Professor of Labor and Employment Relations, University of Illinois)

Want It, Need It, Bought It – Now What? Inside the Apple iPad

Sharon Michalove

No Denying: Delawareans Bear Witness to the Holocaust

Steve Gonzer (Retired educator, winner of Educator of the Year Award from the Delaware Association of Adult Community Educators)

The Return of Politics to Russia: Can Putinism Survive?

Andrew Kuchins (Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Russia and Eurasia Program)

I-STEM Education Initiative

Robert Coverdill (Associate Director, I-STEM Education Initiative, University of Illinois)

Want It, Need It, Bought It – Now What? Inside the Apple iPad

Sharon Michalove

Laurence Hobgood: The Life of a Jazz Musician

Laurence Hobgood (Grammy Award-winning musician)

Telescope Technology

Jon Thaler (Professor of Physics, University of Illinois)

Bird Banding Research

Jason Fischer (Doctoral candidate in Ornithology, University of Illinois)

Putin’s Return and What It Means for Russia Today

Andrei Levkin (Political commentator and journalist, Moscow)

Nation and People: The Plasticity of a Relationship

Pantelis Lekkas (Associate Professor of Political Sociology, University of Athens and Onassis Foundation Senior Visiting Scholar, Program in Modern Greek, University of Illinois)

Crackpots and Cracked Pots: Eccentric Theories in Archaeology

Fred Christensen

The U.S. Patent System and Why Should You Care?

Jay P. Kesan (Professor of Law, H. Ross and Helen Workman Research Scholar, and Director of the Program in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, University of Illinois)

Bats: Myth and Reality

Joseph Merritt (Mammalogist, Illinois Natural History Survey)

My Life with John Keats

Jack Stillinger (Center for Advanced Study Emeritus Professor of English, University of Illinois)

As You Liked It – Illinois Shakespeare Festival in Review

Andrea Stevens (Assistant Professor of English and Theatre, University of Illinois)

Illinois Promise and Mentorship Opportunities

Susan Gershenfeld (Director, Illinois Promise Program, University of Illinois)

Introducing Krannert Center’s 2012-13 Season

Mike Ross (Director, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts)

Retirement – Are You Ready?

Jeff Bell and Daly Andersson (Senior Account Executives, Busey Bank Wealth Management Division)

Fort Dearborn 1812: The Site and the Battle in History and Archaeology

Fred Christensen