Lecture Archive 2007–2008

Jazz in Chicago

Sam Reese (Associate Professor Emeritus of Music Education, UI)

Where We Live: Our Own Architecture

Robert Porter (Adjunct Professor of Architecture, UI)

Beethoven: In Search of an Idea

Peter Michalove (composer)

What’s So Funny? The World of Comedy

Tony Clements (comedian, Champaign-Urbana)

Transforming Science: Superconductivity and the Power Grid

Laura Greene (Swanlund Professor of Physics, UI)

A Glimpse into the World of Contemporary Dance

Kate Kuper (Lecturer in Dance, UI)

The Forgotten War

Robert Henderson (Professor Emeritus of Special Education, UI)

The Age of Lincoln

Vernon Burton (Professor of History, African American Studies, and Sociology, UI)

Carbon sequestration in the Illinois basin

William Shilts (Executive Director, Institute for Natural Resource Sustainability)

The Senior Odyssey Project

Elizabeth Stein-Morrow (Professor of Educational Psychology, UI)

Early Illinois from 1673 to 1788

Fred Christensen (Instructor, Parkland College)

Artifact: relic or hoax

Sarah Wisseman (Director, Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials, UI)