OLLI Spring Semester Schedule 2014



Art and the Popes in Renaissance Rome

Instructor: Rosemary Trippe

Folk Art Traditions of Northeast India

Instructor: Bernard Cesarone

Musings on Contemporary Art: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Instructor: Rosalyn Schwartz

The History of Quilting in America

Instructor: Deborah Fell

Engineering and Math

Automobile Racing from A to Z

Instructor: Daniel Metz

The “I Hate Math!” Math Class

Instructor: Douglas Elrick

Ethics and Philosophy


Instructor: Richard Schacht

Evil in Western Thought

Instructor: Robert Alun Jones

Mondays 10:00 – 11:30; January 27 through March 17 (8 weeks)


A Rabbi’s Perspective on Medical Ethics

Instructor: Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel

Film Studies

Clint Eastwood’s America: Examining Gender Roles, Violence, Redemption, and Perception in the Filmmaker’s Work

Instructor: Chuck Koplinski

In the Closet: Gay and Lesbian Portrayals in Movies before the 1969 Stonewall Riots

Instructors: Connie Hosier and Scott Badman

History and Culture

Early Illinois, 1778-1848: The End of the Middle Ground

Instructor: Fred Christensen

Prison Education: Issues, Debates, Controversies

Instructor: Rebecca Ginsburg

Touring Cultures: Tourists in the Modern World

Instructor: Helaine Silverman

Law and Government

The 2014 Legislative Agenda at the National and State Levels

Instructor: Robert F. Rich

Champaign and Urbana City Government – Hot Topics and Current Issues

Instructor: Tom Bruno

The Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln on the Eighth Judicial Circuit

Instructor: Guy C. Fraker

Rare Books, Crime, and Punishment

Instructor: Travis McDade

Watchdogging Your Government: Using Online Tools to Maintain Checks and Balances

Instructor: Brant Houston



After the Victorians: The Forsyte Saga and Other Reactions to Victorianism on Film and TV

Instructor: John Frayne

Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A “Must Read” Graphic Novel

Instructors: John Lansingh Bennett and Linda Coleman

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: Literature, Film, and Culture

Instructor: Bao Bui


Backstage at the Symphony: Behind the Footlights

Instructor: Barbara Hedlund

The Choral Works of Johannes Brahms

Instructor: Chester L. Alwes

The History of Cabaret

Instructor: Kent Conrad

Singing: The Craft and the Art

Instructor: Ronald Hedlund

Science and Medicine

Birding 101: Exploring the Beauty, Science, and Natural History of the Avian World

Instructor: Greg Lambeth

Illinois' Glacial Landscapes, Deposits, and History

Instructor: David A. Grimley

One Health and You: News You Can Use

Instructors: Yvette J. Johnson-Walker and John A. Herrmann


Tai Chi and Qigong: An Introduction

Mike Reed

Let’s Dance: Traditional Dance Revivals in the 20th Century

Instructors: Jonathan Sivier and Judy Reynolds

The Written/Spoken Word

Clean Comedy: Humor from Different Faith Perspectives

Instructor: Tom Neufer Emswiler

Reading and Writing Poetry in Form

Instructor: Gale Walden

Storytelling: The Art of the Spoken Word

Instructors: Dan Keding and Kathe Brinkmann

Writing from Life

Instructor: Amy Hassinger