OLLI at Illinois is a member-centered community that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and six standing committees comprised of members representing a wide variety of backgrounds.

Curriculum Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for developing a stimulating, well-balanced schedule of courses for the fall and spring semesters. The committee meets once per month for one hour; during peak review times, some meetings may be longer.


The committee works in partnership with the OLLI Director to identify instructors and topics that will result in a diverse, intellectually stimulating curriculum; reviews course and instructor evaluations to assess past performance and determine future directions; approves and refines course proposals; and assesses course policies and evaluation procedures. The OLLI Director has sole hiring responsibility for all course instructors, and committee members may not discuss hiring details or terms of employment with any potential or current instructors.

Curriculum Committee Members

Dianna Armstrong, Chair

Cathie Webber, Board Liaison

Kath Brinkmann

Barbara Ford

Connie Hosier

Eileen Kohen

Chris Main

Dirk Mol

Anne Phillips

Jo Thomas

David Tracy

Development Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Development Committee works with the OLLI Director and Board to plan and implement fundraising activities that help to meet OLLI’s financial goals. The committee meets every other month for one hour.


In accordance with University policies and procedures, the committee identifies needs and develops fundraising goals; develops active strategies for achieving those goals; and recommends fundraising plans to the OLLI Board. The OLLI Director is the chief development officer of OLLI at Illinois. Committee members may not solicit any individuals or agencies on behalf of OLLI.

Development Committee Members, Chair

Paula Kaufman, Chair

Joe Sciacca, Board Liaison

Tom Galer-Unti, Board Financial Liaison

Dierdre Breeding

Susan Feuille

Mike Murphy

Tom Rozanski

E-News Committee

Statement of Purpose

The E-News Committee works in consultation with the OLLI Director to plan, assign, write, design, and distribute an electronic newsletter for members and others on the OLLI at Illinois mailing list. The committee will also produce special issues as they deem appropriate.


The committee meets once per month to generate feature stories, columns, member-feedback sections, and other content; enhances OLLI’s social media presence by posting content on Facebook; and assesses reader responses and user data.

E-News Committee Members

Connie Hosier, Co-Chair

Eileen Kohen, Co-Chair

Barbara Meyer, Technical Specialist

Cecile Steinberg, Board Liaison

Bonnie Hudson

Jean Paley

Membership Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Membership Committee creates and implements plans for the recruitment, orientation, and retention of OLLI members. The committee meets once per month for one hour.


The committee is responsible for welcoming new members through personalized letters and new-member orientation sessions held prior to the start of each semester; and reaching out to new and returning members at informal activities designed to engage and sustain OLLI membership. The committee also assists the OLLI staff in arranging and staffing the Annual Meeting and special events throughout the year, and in distributing course catalogs and other marketing materials.

Membership Committee Members

Lea Mellom, Chair

Paula Watson, Board Liaison

Ron Baker

Charlie Boast

Monica David

Barbara Hartman

Jan Siders

Jean Weigel

Chris Whippo

Study Group Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Study Group Committee develops and approves a schedule of peer-led discussion groups on a wide variety of topics. The committee meets once per month for one hour; during peak review times, some meetings may be longer.


The committee provides support and guidance to study group facilitators through workshops and training meetings; encourages member participation in the facilitation of groups and suggestion of potential topics; reviews and approves study group proposals; and assesses proposal policies and evaluation procedures.

Study Group Committee Members

Marilyn Resch, Chair

Frank Chadwick, Board Liaison

Trisha Crowley

Priscilla Fortier

Gayle Goold

Beverly Herzog

Peg Maher

Armine Mortimer

Kathy Robinson

Casey Sutherland

Travel Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Travel Committee is responsible for the development of a varied slate of educational travel opportunities for OLLI members. The committee meets four times per year for one hour.


Committee responsibilities include reviewing and approving regional, national, and international travel proposals that are submitted to the committee by members and others; evaluating and recommending travel tour company vendors; and developing agendas and marketing plans for travel opportunities, which will be made available to the OLLI membership at additional cost. All vendor contracts will be negotiated and signed by the OLLI Director.

Travel Committee Members

Sandra Darby, Chair

Judy Bach, Board Liaison

John Bennett

Kathy Marshak