OLLI Board of Directors

OLLI at Illinois is a member-centered community that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and six standing committees comprised of members representing a wide variety of backgrounds.

OLLI Board of Directors

The OLLI Board shall represent and advocate for the membership in its collaboration with the OLLI Director. In such capacity, the Board shall work with the Director on:

  • the curriculum, activities, and general operation of OLLI;
  • the development and implementation of short, medium, and long range plans for OLLI;
  • creating an environment for active participation and volunteer engagement by the members;
  • the resolution of issues that may arise in the operation of OLLI from the members’ perspective
  • providing input into the creation and implementation of the OLLI budget. Although the establishment and control of the budget lie within the purview of the Director, the Board recommends actions regarding the budget to the Director;
  • the setting of fees for participation in OLLI and its programs;
  • assisting the Director and others in raising funds for OLLI;
  • creating and dissolving such committees, both standing and ad hoc, as it deems necessary and appropriate; and
  • raising with the Director such matters and concerns that the Board and its members believe affect the operation of OLLI.

Board of Directors

  • Cathie Webber, Chair
  • Sarah Wisseman, Vice Chair
  • Joe Sciacca, Secretary
  • Tom Galer-Unti, Financial Liaison
  • Dianna Armstrong
  • Judy Bach
  • Bill Breeding
  • Sharon Hayes
  • John Moore
  • Claudia Reich
  • Kathy Robinson